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Top Shelf Bartending

Our basic service is $500.00, and provides two bartenders for the evening. You would be responsible for applying for your liquor license and picking up all necessary items: alcohol, mix, ice, cups, and float for a cash bar if you're having one. If you are having an open bar, then no float would be necessary, and there would be an additional fee of $1.00/guest (capped at $100.00). We would arrive in advance of the event to set up the bar, provide service for your guests during the event, break down the bar at the end of the night, turn over any cash bar proceeds to your designated individual and leave any left over alcohol for your use.

Our premium level of service would include all of that being done for you, with the exception of your license. You would still apply for that, and designate us as your agent. We would pick up all necessary alcohol, mix, cups, ice, provide the float, run your cash bar, etc. While the premium service has the same base charge as the basic service, there is a 15% concierge fee on the cost of alcohol, and we charge $3.50/guest for the pickup of the remainder of the supplies. If using the premium service, we require a deposit of 50% before we pick up any alcohol. 

For both levels, we would consult ahead of time and help you decide on what/how much to buy, menu design, setting prices, etc.

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